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What We Treat

Family First Adolescent Services is committed to providing best-in-class care to teens in a safe and loving environment. We offer treatment for the most problematic, common and complex mental and behavioral health issues that affect teens today.


Our teen-centric approach taps into each client’s creativity, vitality and sense of community. Our objective is to move beyond the surface-level symptoms and address the underlying issues that are causing destruction and dangerous behaviors in our clients.


Treatment for the most common and complex issues

Substance Use


We've been helping families heal from the damages caused by adolescent substance use. Our teen-centric approach to substance use issues means we address the underlying psychological issues that precipitate substance use disorders including depression, anxiety, and process disorders.


Mental Health


There are many warning signs that indicate the presence of a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, or a complex trauma disorder. We approach teen mental health challenges with trauma-informed strategies, a blend of therapies, and education. We teach families how to be whole – through mutual love, support, and acceptance.

Problematic Gaming


A growing issue among today’s adolescents because of its accessibility and social acceptance, problematic gaming can be just as destructive as a substance use issue. Like substance use, gaming is a symptom of something problematic beneath the surface. We address the underlying issues using brain-plasticity assessments and treatment methods.



Childhood trauma can result in unhealthy barriers and emotional regulation that hinders relationships and growth in adolescents. By applying NARM we help teens learn to set healthy emotional boundaries and self-regulate on a daily basis.


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