An Innovative Treatment Center for TeensAddressing mental health, behavioral health, substance use,
trauma and problematic gaming

Our Approach

Roadmap to Recovery

Family First Adolescent Services offers a best-in-class model of treatment for addressing mental health, behavioral health, substance use, trauma and problematic gaming affecting teens and their families. Teenage clients have a greater chance of success when the entire family is helped, so our treatment approach addresses the experiences of every family member.


We are on the cutting edge of trauma-informed care and the first adolescent program to apply the NeuroAffective Relational Model.

Educational Process

Continuing education as a vital part of our treatment process and crucial for helping teens build self-esteem and return to normal life.

Family Programming

Our Parent Interaction Program and ongoing family support provide a healing framework for every member of the family.

Continuing Care

We collaborate with each family on a plan for ongoing clinical support and assistance while transitioning to a lower level of care after our program.

What We Treat

Areas of Expertise

Family First Adolescent Services offers treatment for the most problematic, common and complex mental and behavioral health issues that affect teens today. Our treatment offers a teen-centric approach that taps into each client’s creativity, vitality and sense of community.

Substance Use

Our teen-centric approach to substance use issues means we address the underlying psychological issues that precipitate substance use disorders including depression, anxiety, and process disorders.

Mental Health

We approach teen mental health challenges with trauma-informed strategies, a blend of therapies, and education. We teach families how to be whole – through mutual love, support, and acceptance.


Childhood trauma can result in unhealthy barriers and emotional regulation that hinders relationships and growth in adolescents. By applying NARM we help teens learn to set healthy emotional boundaries and self-regulate on a daily basis.

Problematic Gaming

A growing issue among today’s adolescents because of its accessibility and social acceptance, problematic gaming can be just as destructive as a substance use issue. We address the underlying issues using brain-plasticity assessments and treatment methods.

founder james mcmanus on dr. phil show

The goal of Family First Adolescent Services is to help families stop being controlled by mental health and substance use disorders. Together we can begin building a roadmap based on compassion, boundaries and self care that families can use together to navigate the lifelong journey ahead of them.

James McManus, LMHC, CAPFounder, Family First Adolescent Services

How We're Different

Our goal is to transform lives for the better. Family First Adolescent Services offers the most comprehensive treatment program for teens in the country. We give the teens and families who come through our doors the tools and understanding they need to lead healthy, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Meet Our Team

The team members at Family First Adolescent Services have each been recruited for their in-demand skills and expertise in addressing teen behavioral and mental health issues. Our collective skill set is centered around treating teen mental and behavioral health issues, as well as substance use and problematic gaming.

Our Team

5-in-7 Methodology

Clients entering our program receive five individual therapy sessions with their primary therapist within the first seven days of treatment.

2:1 Ratio

Our low client to staff ratio guarantees intensive support and personal attention for each client. Counselors carry a caseload of just five clients to provide the best and most attentive care.


A specialized approach to healing developmental trauma that focuses on a healthy connection between body and mind, and an experiential program that teaches teens to connect fun with self-care.

Focus Weeks

Our teen-centric program includes focus weeks that address anger, impulse control, spirituality, shame and low self-esteem.

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As Seen on Dr. Phil

In September of 2018, Family First Adolescent Services President and Founder James McManus was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show. James was there to help a family whose teenage son was suffering from a new type of issue: problematic gaming. Watch as James and Dr. Phil present a path focusing on love and treatment of underlying issues to an addicted boy and his parents.


Family First Adolescent Services Insurance Providers

Here you can see a full list of our providers.

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