Our industry-leading,

teen-centric approach

Our Philosophy

We believe that teens can find long-term and sustainable healing from the most common and complex mental health issues that affect their demographic. We believe in looking beyond surface-level symptoms and exploring the underlying issues that inform your son’s disordered behaviors. 


We achieve this by providing treatment that is teen-specific, trauma-informed, that addresses the entire family, that plans for the long-term, and that is facilitated by best-in-class clinicians.

A teen-centric approach that changes everything

We believe that effectively treating an adolescent client demands a tailored and sensitive approach that doesn’t rely on the typical treatment model for adults. Our treatment model is tailored specifically to teens and taps into their creativity, vitality and sense of community.


Our more tactile approach to teen-specific treatment addresses developmental trauma by focusing on building a healthy connection between body and mind through NARM®, as well as an experiential program that teaches teens to connect fun with self-care.


Each week, our residents work with their primary therapist for individual sessions and family therapy sessions, and also dynamic and engaging group therapy sessions. A teen’s need for support doesn’t necessarily follow a schedule which is why our team of clinicians, including Master’s level therapists, are onsite and available throughout the day to address issues as they arise.


What We Treat

We treat the most common and complex mental health issues teens face.



​We believe in treating each family with compassion, curiosity, and presence.


Our Tribe

 Our team of intuitive professionals is excited to work with teens and families.