A legacy of helping adolescents heal

From our Founders

Family First Adolescent Services opened its doors in 2014 and has helped hundreds of adolescents and their families find meaningful and lasting healing from the most common and complex issues affecting teens.

Co-Founders James McManus and Ben Cecil have dedicated their careers to building a treatment model and training a staff that specialize in teen-centric healing.

They saw how dramatically teens responded to treatment approaches that connected with them on their level, rather than trying to repurpose approaches better suited to adults.

Each element of the Family First Adolescent Services model seeks to connect with our adolescent clients in meaningful ways: through their sense of creativity, community, and vitality. Clients learn how to process their feelings and cope with their environments through art, sports, and group therapy. They also have access to a primary therapist who is dedicated to helping them throughout their time with us.

Families find healing too. James and Ben have seen firsthand that when the entire family begins a journey of healing and growth their adolescent child feels more confident and supported in his own healing and growth.

The goal of Family First Adolescent Services is to help families stop being controlled by mental health and substance use disorders. Together we can begin building a roadmap based on compassion, boundaries and self care that families can use together to navigate the lifelong journey ahead of them.

James McManus LMHC, CAP

Founder, Family First Adolescent Services 

As Seen on Dr Phil

In September of 2018, Family First Adolescent Services President and Founder James McManus was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show. James was there to help a family whose teenage son was suffering from a new type of issue: problematic gaming.


Watch as James and Dr. Phil present a path focusing on love and treatment of underlying issues to a boy and his parents.


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