Therapeutic boarding schools are highly specialized facilities that offer both therapeutic and academic services. These facilities cater to struggling youth who behavioral experts classify as, "troubled teens."

Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

What are Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens?

In addition to providing careful 24-hour/7-days-a-week supervision under the watchful eyes of expertly trained staff and licensed therapists, these dynamic facilities also equip students with a self-paced, fully certified high school education. In fact, some of the nation's top-tier therapeutic boarding schools even offer college preparatory work for their facility's more gifted students - not unlike that of a traditional boarding school. 

However, while there are numerous reputable therapeutic boarding schools available for parents from all parts of the US to choose from, there is a significantly higher percentage of facilities that have earned a less than glowing track record with parents and student alumni, alike, due to their abysmal success rates in actually treating the complex mental and emotional issues of troubled teenagers.

With this in mind, it is crucial for parents to do their research and choose a program that best suits the needs of their wayward child.  

Why are Programs like Therapeutic Boarding Schools Important? 

As for why therapeutic boarding schools are important in today's America, the answer is simple: rampant undertreated mental illnesses and behavioral disorders has created an epidemic of millions of troubled teens; a significant portion of the adolescent demographic who will someday (very soon) become the leaders of our nation. 

More specifically, according to the latest research, roughly 20% of American teens suffer from at least one type of severe mental health disorder.

To put that in perspective, that's around 8.3 million teenage boys and girls suffering from a potentially life-threatening mental illness. And, while not every mentally ill teen becomes what behavioral experts would consider 'troubled' a significant portion of the nearly 10 million mentally ill teens turn to self-destructive behaviors that warrant residential treatment. 

With mentally ill and troubled youth reaching epidemic numbers, the rise in residential programs, like therapeutic boarding schools, has risen to meet the soaring demand of parents in need of such a program. 

“The goal of Family First Adolescent Services is to help families stop being controlled by mental health and substance use disorders. Together we can begin building a roadmap based on compassion, boundaries and self care that families can use together to navigate the lifelong journey ahead of them. ”

- James McManus, LMHC, CAP

The Prevalence of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

With the last decades' meteoric rise in therapeutic boarding schools and similar treatment programs for troubled youth, parents need to be aware of the fact that - just like any other type of booming industry eager to capitalize on needful customers - not all boarding schools for troubled teens are created equal. With that in mind, we at Family First would like to remind parents to do all the possible research and conduct the most extensive inquiry they can on any potential treatment facility before sending their child.

Unfortunately, all too often parents of troubled teens make the mistake of sending their child to a less than optimal facility that ends up creating more problems for their family in the long run. 

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