For parents of troubled teens, finding the most suitable treatment option for their child is probably at the top of their priority list. Among the most widely used of these treatment options are residential treatment centers for teens.

Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens

What Are Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens?

A residential treatment center (RTC) for troubled teens is a live-in mental health care program that is designed to individually treat the specific therapeutic and behavioral issues of troubled youth. Typically, the most reputable of these treatment programs are staffed by experts and mental health professionals who have a deep understanding of treating the root cause of mentally disordered troubled youth.

An RTC staff at any top-tier facility are able to use their wealth of knowledge in using a wide array of mental and behavioral-specific therapies and techniques within a 24-hour residential setting.

The expert staff of a residential facility will typically use these individualized treatments to assist teens in moving forward towards full therapeutic and behavioral rehabilitation.

The most popular forms of these treatments and therapies include one-on-one counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, group sessions, and detoxification.

While living at an RTC, a teen's specific treatment program is mainly predicated on their individual issues and therapeutic needs. In developing these highly personalized therapeutic regimens, psychiatric experts will first assess a teen individually, and ultimately, develop an individual program that works best for each child.

After the initial assessment is finished, the professional staff will then provide the most appropriate care and treatment for the young person to ensure they make the most effective recovery possible which, in turn, gives them the best life chances in the future.

While rare, there are RTC's, like that of Family First Advocate Services, that offer insurance-based treatment for parents who cannot afford the often ridiculously high cost of a traditional residential treatment center.

Family First Adolescent Services

Family First Adolescent Services is an insurance-based residential treatment center for troubled teens who struggle with mental health, substance abuse, trauma, gaming addiction, and other behavioral-related issues. We offer a well-balanced and dynamic experiential therapy with an unprecedentedly high staff to client ratio.

The Result: A program that is individually tailored for any type of troubled teen.

Our Clinical Approach

Our clinical approach is intensive and diverse. It is our guarantee to parents that within the first seven days of treatment all teen clients who enter our program will receive five intense, individual therapy sessions with a primary therapist - none of which are assessments.

What's more, Family First counselors have a limited caseload of five clients in order to ensure that an intimate trusting bond between counselor and client is built where they will receive truly intensive, personalized therapy.

Education is a Priority

At Family First, providing a well-balanced experience that consists of continuing our student's education while they receive therapeutic treatment is a top priority. Not only does this well-balanced approach ensure that our teens will further their education, but it will also result in esteem-building that is paramount to their future success and overall rehabilitation.

Our Education Specialists are assigned to case manage the client's workload with their home school, tutor clients on specific areas of need, and report to the client's family on progress in the classroom.

Experiential Therapy and Parent Interaction

Family members engage in Parent Interaction Program which is a three-day process-driven family program that includes Experiential Group Therapy such as psychodrama or role-playing, and expressive art therapy. We also explore information about the biology of the adolescent mind, shame, codependence and discipline through interactive presentations. Family members have daily homework assignments tailored to their specific family dynamics.

Family First is on the cutting edge of trauma-informed care, we are the first adolescent program to utilize the neuro-affective relational model (NARM) and we are hosts of the NARM Training Institute for professionals in our area.

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We believe teens can find long-term and sustainable healing from mental or behavioral health issues, substance use issues, and problematic gaming. Let us share our story of hope. Call (800) 881-9945