Group Homes for Troubled Teens from California

Group Homes for Troubled Teens California CA

In most cases, sending their child to a distant program for an extended amount of time is perhaps one of the toughest choices a parent from California will ever have to make. However, when it is absolutely necessary, the choice to do so is a critical one that must be made for the child's sake. Failure to do so could result in tragic, even lifelong consequences. 

When met with this choice, parents often look to programs that they have heard of or are most familiar with. One of the most popularly sought after programs is group homes for troubled teens. 

Group homes for troubled teens are a popular choice among parents from California whose teen struggles with mental and behavioral health-related issues - namely, issues related to substance abuse/addiction and mental illness.

Alternatively, some group homes are used as a transitional program where teens who have recently been released from a psychiatric hospital or juvenile detention center can be placed before they return home. 

The length of time a troubled teen is required to stay in a group home greatly varies and depends on several factors, including the group home itself as well as the severity of the child particular issues - Generally speaking, this ranges from a few months to a year, and in extreme cases, even longer. 

What Kind of Issues Does a Group Home for Troubled Teens in California Treat?

Similar to that of most programs that are self-described as facilities for troubled youth, group homes for troubled teens from California  are well versed in treating a myriad of mental and behavioral health related issues, including: 

  • Mental illnesses eg. Depression, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, ADHD
  • Substance abuse/addiction rehabilitation
  • Dangerous, self-destructive behaviors eg. self-harm, eating disorders, anger management, and other compulsivity-related issues

What Parents from California Need to Know About Group Homes for Troubled Teens 

Before parents from California seeking the services of this particular type of treatment facility get their hopes up, however, they should first be made aware of a few things.

For instance, while they are one of the most well known and sought after, group homes for troubled teens are often the most difficult programs for parents from California to place their child.  

There are several reasons for this, the foremost being, most group homes are not, in actuality, designed to treat troubled teen-related issues. Rather, the overwhelming majority of group homes are live-in homes for severely disabled or injured peoples. While group homes for troubled teens, do, in fact, exist, they are far outnumbered by group homes that cater to the disabled. 

However, in recent years, there has been a meteoric rise in alternative programs that offer similarly specialized treatment to troubled teens for parents from California to consider. Among them are specialized residential treatment centers that, similar to a group home, treat a limited number of teenage clients - so as to ensure the most individualized and clinically intensive treatment for each student is met. 

Group Therapy at Family First Adolescent Services

At Family First, one of our foundational treatments is that of group therapy.

Through years of our own personal experience in interacting with troubled teens from California and beyond, we at Family First have come to find that when a teen interacts and confides in those who face similar issues to their own, they are more able and willing to open up therapeutically.

This shared experience, when combined with the comfort of a structured environment, allows previously guarded teens to explore and engage in new ways including developing new behavioral strategies, therapeutic role-playing, and one-on-one, intimate interactions with a psychiatrist or that of a positive peer-influence. dd

Unlike individual sessions, group therapy allows participants to interact with others who have mutually struggled with similar afflictions such as:

  • Illicit Substance Use
  • Alcohol Use
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • PTSD
  • Gaming Disorders

Group therapy is particularly helpful once participating members begin to develop trust in one another. It is this mutual bonding experience that enables members to speak freely and express difficult feelings.

Additionally, by participating in group therapy sessions the client learns to interact with others in a healthy and productive manner.

Looking for Immediate Assistance? Family First Here To Provide Help!

Family First Adolescent Services is here to provide help and ongoing support.

Above all else, we believe in early intervention: treating the mental and behavioral issues of a troubled teen early on in order to greatly improve their chances of achieving full recovery through treatment. In other words, our adolescent program focuses on treating the underlying traumas that often lead to substance use before said issues become long-lasting (or life-long) problems.

For further information or assistance regarding how we can serve you today, please call us now at  (561) 328-7370.

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We help families create a roadmap towards sustainable healing with ongoing continuing care support for up to a year or more after a teen completes residential treatment. Call (561) 328-7370

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