What are Group Homes for Troubled Teens?

Group Homes for Troubled Teens

Group homes for troubled teens are residential treatment facilities that provide 24-hour rehabilitative and intensive therapeutic services to troubled teens. Specifically, these specialized treatment "homes" offer intensive treatment for teens deemed out-of-control due to their lacking mental health and likely under or mistreated mental illness.

These particular troubled teen programs typically staff a small group of therapeutic staff who roughly equal the same, limited number of teenage residents at any given time. It is this mean ratioed balance between staff and clients that give group homes for troubled teens their "homelike" feel.

Experts who are proponents of the system's methods claim that it is this intimate and easily manageable number of teenage residents that maximize the overall effectiveness of group homes for troubled teens.

A Homelike Setting

Unlike most programs for troubled teens, group homes typically house a minimal amount of teens, somewhere between 5- 10, at any given time. Group homes for troubled teens stick to this rather marginal amount of clients in order to most accurately simulate an environmental that most resembles a homelike setting.

Group homes for troubled teens subscribe to their methods based on their belief that therapeutic staff is most effective at rehabilitating teens while they reside in an environment that most accurately resembles their own. According to their methods, this simulated experience will more naturally prepare and ease troubled teens back into their own homes upon completing their rehabilitation. Group Homes

Essentially, living in a group home is a sort of family dynamic 'practice' for teens that is designed to build skills that are intrinsic to functional home-living, such as emotional and behavioral self-control, pragmaticism, relational bonding, and obedience towards authority.

What Kind of Therapies do Group Homes for Troubled Teens Provide?

As with any viable treatment program for troubled youth, the most reputable group homes offer individualized psychiatric and behavioral treatments that are symptomatically-specific to each client.

These specifically designed treatment programs are especially created to rehabilitate the unique mental and behavioral health issues that contribute to each teen's personal struggles with self-destructive and out-of-control patterns of behavior.

Most group homes for troubled teens offer the following therapies:

  • Family Therapy - these therapy sessions include family members of the teen, such as parents and sometimes even siblings or other live-in relatives.
  • Individualized therapy - this is the most traditionalized therapy out there, also known as, one-on-one therapy sessions with a psychiatric professional.
  • Drug/alcohol education/rehabilitative services - These treatments vary by every group home for troubled teens. Some group homes only offer nominal drug and alcohol-related therapies. These types of group homes are what experts define as 'early intervention' facilities that tend to focus on treating teens who have not yet, or are just beginning to, experiment with addictive substances.

The Downside of Group Homes for Troubled Teens

While it can definitely be argued that the most effective group homes can be successful in rehabilitating the lives of troubled teens, there are definite downsides to the treatment program as well.

Potential downsides to group home therapy programs may include the following:

  • It is often difficult for parents from most states to receive health insurance that works with group homes for troubled adolescents
  • Due to their inherent exclusivity, group homes tend to be rather costly
  • Many have a lengthy waiting list - again, due to their limited living space
  • Most group homes cater to disabled, rather than troubled, teens

Family First Adolescent Services - Who We Are

Unlike most group homes, Family First Adolescent Services is a treatment center that is insurance-based. Working with various insurances, family first provides troubled teens with expert treatment for mental health, substance abuse, trauma, gaming-addiction, and other behavioral related issues.

Here at Family First, we specialize in providing teens with a highly individualized, boutique experience with an extremely high staff to client ratio, and a program that is truly tailored for the adolescent client.

Family members engage in Parent Interaction Program which is a three-day process-driven family program that includes Experiential Group Therapy such as psychodrama or role-playing, and expressive art therapy. We also explore information about the biology of the adolescent mind, shame, codependence and discipline through interactive presentations. Family members have daily homework assignments tailored to their specific family dynamics.

Quite frankly, Family First is on the cutting edge of trauma-informed care. As it currently stands, we are the first adolescent program to utilize the ground-breaking, neuro-affective relational model (NARM) as well as the sole host of the NARM Training Institute for professionals in our area.

For more information about our adolescent services, please contact us now at (833) 241-7746.

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