Mental health treatment for teens that supports the whole family

Family First Adolescent Services specializes in sophisticated approaches for the most common and complex disorders affecting teenagers. 

Family First Adolescent Services

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Family First Adolescent Services provides mental health treatment with an adolescent-specific approach. Our trauma-informed methods address the underlying causes of the most common and complex disorders affecting teenagers, such as anxiety and depression, substance use, problematic gaming, and behavioral issues.


We’ve tailored our approach to the adolescent client through teen-centric activities that tap into their sense of creativity, community and vitality. 


Mental health 

treatment for teens

We address the underlying causes of teen mental health challenges with trauma-informed strategies, a blend of therapies, and education. We teach families how to be whole—through mutual love, support, and acceptance. 

Vital Program Elements

Throughout a client's treatment at Family First Adolescent Services' beautiful, modern facility, he'll stay at one of our comfortable homelike residences where he'll be surrounded by other boys his age and supported by our staff around the clock.

He'll participate in individual, group, and family therapy sessions, explore his inner world through Focus Weeks, connect and engage body and mind through clinically-driven experiential activities, and continue his studies with the support our staff teachers.


Family members will receive regular updates from their child's therapist, case manager, and teacher, and benefit from weekly family therapy sessions, local therapeutic or community-based referrals, and our intensive onsite Parent Interaction Program.

Team work


24/7 support from our team with a 2:1 ratio of staff to clients. Our team includes psychiatrists, therapists, and case managers.

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Families should never have to choose between getting treatment or staying current with school. We'll work with your home school to ensure he doesn't fall behind.

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The cutting edge of evidence-based treatment for adolescents, with programming that addresses developmental trauma and self-care.

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Comprehensive planning for up to 12 months after a client has completed our program; also includes regular follow-up with our team for clients and their parents.

Family Unwrapping


Specialized support, tools, counseling, referrals and continuing care to address the essential role parents play in their child’s long-term healing.

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Each we our clients get to participate in fun activities that help them build healthy connections between mind and body and are just plain fun.

From our Founders


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Since opening our doors in 2014, the goal of Family First Adolescent Services has been to help families address the most common and complex mental health challenges that affect teens. Our many years of experience demonstrated that adolescents need a specialized approach that meets them on their level and that addresses what’s going on beneath the surface-level symptoms. 


We are the only treatment center for teens specializing in mental health and focusing on complex and developmental trauma. We offer the most comprehensive treatment program for teens in the country. Our uniquely teen-centric program provides the intensity, engagement and compassion that adolescents need to connect with their inner world and their own journey of healing.


We give the teens and families who come through our doors the tools and understanding they need to lead healthy, meaningful and fulfilling lives.


The Family First Adolescent Services team is stacked with individuals possessing in-demand and highly specialized skills, and our entire clinical staff has received NARM training. 

Nowhere in our state is any treatment center providing intensive and compassionate care to teens and their families that specifically addresses the unique issues faced by an adolescent demographic. We’re proud to serve our families in this way, and proud of our entire team who constantly strives for both excellence and professional growth. 

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