Our industry-leading

teen-centric approach

Clinical Services

Family First Adolescent Services offers a variety of programming options for families and their loved ones. Day-night with community housing, coupled with Educational and Family Programming, as well as our Intensive Outpatient programming, we have the right options to fit every family's needs.

We help clients families build the foundation for lasting change

The Family First program is a safe, supervised, and supportive environment for teenage boys to fully engage in therapy and begin to shift their lives.


Family First Adolescent Services Property


We provide specialized programming and cutting-edge clinical treatment informed by evidence-based research. This takes place in a comfortable and modern environment that includes intensive group and individual therapy as well as educational support in a dedicated school setting.


Our beautiful, homelike, and well-appointed residences are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. These properties provide a quiet and peaceful place for adolescent boys to fully engage in the transformative process of treatment.


A Balance Of Treatment, Education, & Community


Family First Adolescent Services provides vital programs for families, helping them to overcome the fear, frustration, and anxiety that comes with watching their child struggle. The same feelings that in the past may have made parents feel isolated and alone can be a powerful, unifying force in an environment that validates and supports parents in pain.

Treatment is not a “quick fix” for your child or your family. As an ethical and reputable treatment provider, Family First Adolescent Services helps teenage boys and their families gain valuable insight on how to begin treating the emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns that have disrupted the family system.


Our clients learn to process emotional issues and early childhood traumas that have been blocking personal growth. In this way, our families begin the individual and collective healing process. Providing a space for families to gain new tools, awareness, and stronger relationships, the journey toward long term success is then sustainable.

We provide one year of follow up care through the Alumni Program to continue with support and guidance we began in our program.